Olsonic | Bahia
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About This Project

This motif has it’s origin on the northwest coast of Sweden where contours of the human body are outlined like idols in the natural shapes of cliffs and islands throughout an infinite archipelago. Through history since Paleoliticum, the depiction of the body has been used as a mirror in the act and aim to define who we are. Living through shifting epochs and contexts in art and philosophy, the central force remains the desire and effort to reach further, to upgrade awareness and improve ourselves.

The theme in this project comes from drifting around in the extremely body-orientated culture of Brazil, where the practice of Candomblé is an influence that stimulates individual power and confidence in the people. This work is a process of restoring fundaments as the old European civilization with it’s over-sophisticated mindset, and the younger cultivation of South America, a world of survival and energy, meet and make love.

50 cm (height) x 65 cm (width) x 50 cm (length)
250 kg