Olsonic | Body & Soul
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Body & Soul

About This Project

The main perspective in classic Greek and Roman nude sculpting was to display the human figure in its finest version. My work is physical, but it is not about the body. It is not a naturalistic representation. In this work I’m talking to Rhodin (of course he cannot answer), progressing the approach on figurative sculpture that this true avantgarde-artist started by radically using the body as an instrument and language to describe interior conditions. The philosophical matter of existence, the idea of Being, is kicked around in this work. It is about peace of mind in our time.

Marble, oak and pinewood
L: 45 cm (height) x 40 cm (width) x 380 cm (length)
R: 55 cm (height) x 45 cm (width) x 385 cm (length)
L:1500 kg
R: 250 kg