Olsonic | Dawn
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About This Project

In the history of civilizations throughout the world, the absolute majority of artworks produced has been of religious nature. According to old Christian as well as Buddhist procedure, the artist works in a strict framework in which he or she has a certain individual freedom. In some Theravada sculptures there is a sublime, a beautiful lightness depicted in the face of the Buddha. – Where does it come from? In an agnostic perspective that is of course obvious: The thoughts, the flow and mindset of the artist, is the corpus of the sculpture. The true artwork is the passionate and intelligent process. To study these old values is to pay a visit in the big world beyond conventions of contemporary official culture. This work aims to bring forgotten grace back into memory.

Diabase and goldleaf
32 cm (height) x 20 cm (width) x 21 cm (length)
24 kg