Olsonic | Ocean
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About This Project

The reclining bodies are carved in empty and devastated quarries. The situation and the environment in which they are created are important for the working process. It affects the atmosphere of the sculptures. The contours are outlined with spray-color directly on the rock. The figure is then immediately cut out. There is no model or planning, just a certainty of the motif. The entire sculpture in this sense, is an outline or a sketch. Remaining marks from the colour and the machines, make part of the expression. This, and the contrast between colour and texture of materials used in the creation: The warm-cold or soft-hard, are my tools. I look upon it as a painting, needing the painterly character for the feeling in the workingprocess and in the composition.

Marble, oak, diabase, concrete
L:65 cm (height) x 57 cm (width) x 400 cm (length)
R: 74 cm (height) x 52 cm (width) x 400 cm (length)
L:1750 kg
R:1650 kg